Gondola Route

Gondola route is a concept with historical and cultural base and it has recreation and tourist importance. This concept was developed in 2004 in the association "Gateway to Europe". As a project, it aimed at boosting life at the Wroclaw Water Junction.
Historical informations, passed from mouth to mouth, about the agreement between Wroclaw and Venice as to the possibility of using the name gondola in Wrocław, were the impulse to create the name and concept.

Very quickly, the tale began to live its own life, which contributed to build a positive image of the project.

Its intension is to inspire the development of recreational, cultural and economical Odra life, not only on the Wroclaw junction, but throughout the river's course. The impulse for the recovery was recreation and tourism, which pulled first minor projects to support it, and then the management of transport on the river.

In its conception, the Gondola Route is to be pragmatic platform of agreement between people interested in functioning around the Odra River and developing its infrastructure and economy. An important element is the nature of this concept, that is, to repeat in the new political and economic reality what was happening over the Odra River before the war. The most important element is the cultural and recreational life. Using modern means of promotion and penetration of different cultures of life by the river and channels (eg. In Venice), Gondola Route will lead to show a distinctive character of life by the Odra developed over the years, the history and experiences of people living here. It has to be one of the attractions of the region and the leading trademark of Wroclaw as the capital on the Odra as well as to confirm the slogan "Wrocław and Odra always together."

Gondola trail, which central point is Gondola Bay, focuses already six marinas leading by non-governmental organization in Wroclaw.

Wojciech Nowak

President of the Association "Gateway to Europe"